Presentations and Conferences

In Chris's entertaining and thought provoking presentations, he discusses a range of ideas and strategies in areas such as:

  • developing leadership capability
  • managing workplace behaviour
  • managing change and innovation
  • communication
  • personal development

He regularly presents at conferences, corporate retreats and professional seminars.

"Chris's presentations offer a refreshing an practical approach to people management. No matter what field you are in, he offers solutions for everyone. His book is easy to read and practical and can be read again and again."

Scott Young, International Rugby Referee and Referees Coach

Contact us if you would like to have Chris as a speaker at your next conference.

'A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.'
- William Shedd

The Third Edition of Chris' book 'Why do you frown, Daddy?' is now available.

The book tackles head on one of the major issues that supervisors and managers face every day, confronting poor behaviour in the workplace. The books series of practical and easy to follow strategies will build confidence, reduce stress and give readers clear direction in how to effectively manage unacceptable behaviour.