The Third Edition of Chris' book
'Why do you frown, Daddy?'
is now available.

Confronting poor behaviour can be one of the most difficult tasks a manager has to face. In a revealing conversation with his daughter, David learns a powerful lesson that allows him to overcome his fear of confrontation and becomes a more productive manager.

Why do you frown, Daddy? tackles head on one of the major issues that supervisors and managers face every day, confronting poor behaviour in the workplace. The books series of practical and easy to follow strategies will build confidence, reduce stress and give readers clear direction in how to effectively manage unacceptable behaviour.

What they say:

"I LOVE your book very much - it's incredibly well done!"

David Maister

"Breathtaking in its ease and simplicity, Mr Whitecross sets out the problem and then solves it with such clarity one wonders why the rest of us have been so puzzled for so long."

David Miller, Legal Counsel - Workplace Relations, Australian Industry Group

"Chris' fresh approach to performance management takes out the emotion. It highlights that both manager and employee are accountable for their actions in the workplace. Thank you Chris, managers love it!"

Deanne Lynagh, Human Resources Manager, APN News and Media Limited

"Congratulations Chris, all that great common sense in an easy read! If every manager took this on board it would make everyone's life easier."

Rod Brice, National Group Program Director Radio, Macquarie Southern Cross Media

"Managing people is not easy but it's not rocket science either. The Foundations of Leadership program and Chris' book provide an excellent introduction to the concepts for new and aspiring supervisors and managers."

John Hollamby, Head of Structured Property Finance, BOS International (Aust) Limited

"Chris Whitecross has the art and grace of common sense. The 'Foundations of Leadership Training Program' is refreshingly simple and contains a number of very practical and powerful messages about effective interpersonal communication and leadership for the new or experienced manager. Chris has diluted the complexity of leadership into a toolbox of interpersonal skills that we are all capable of learning and practicing. Even after fifteen years in senior management positions, I walked away from Chris' training program with fresh insights, techniques and skills - Brilliant!"

Tina Radford, Managing Director, HR Business Solutions

"I was fortunate enough to attend the Leadership training series provided in-house to QIC by Chris a number of years ago and can honestly attribute much of my subsequent success to his teachings. The series is run each year and performs a crucial role within the development activities of our leadership group. Attendees return to the business with renewed enthusiasm and a genuine willingness to apply the practical lessons with immediate results."

Darren Mundie, GM Operations, QIC

"Chris uses fables like John Kotter in 'Our Iceberg is Melting'. It is inspirational and at the same time very easy to use as a tool to communicate at all levels in an organisation and is a great read for those wanting to achieve key messages in difficult times."

Nicole Hollows, CEO, Macarthur Coal Limited

"This book is a wonderful read and the messages are so simple and profound for any manager of people. Chris' personal empathy with managers and with the management process is reflected in his book. It's loads of fun and a must read."

John Gethin-Jones, CEO, Intech Investments

"The Arrowdynamics model has been supremely adaptable to the specific requirements of our business, and has been written in a manner that is instantly comprehensible and is easily communicated across a vast range of levels within the organisation."

Nick Shelton, Human Resources, City Beach Surf Australia

"Chris' presentations offer a refreshing and practical approach to people management. No matter what field you are in, he offers solutions for everyone. His book is easy to read and practical and can be read again and again."

Scott Young, International Rugby Referee

"An insightful book that will completely alter your thinking toward people management. Chris really hits home the importance of effective management to facilitate productivity in the workplace. Essential reading for the time poor manager."

Davina Poletto, State Marketing Manager, Colliers International

"Using these techniques to discuss choices and consequences of performance and behaviour at an individual level empowers managers, eliminate disputes and provides great clarity to a regularly murky area. A simple yet essential tool for every people manager at any level."

Peter Herring, Managing Director, Lumineye Nailcraft Solutions

'Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.'
- Goethe

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