Leadership Development

The Foundations of Leadership Workshop Series

The Foundations of Leadership Workshop series is the core Arrowdynamics® program and has been designed to build leadership skills in frontline Managers and Supervisors.

There are 7 individual workshops in the series plus an ‘on the job’ project:

  • The Business of Leadership
  • Managing Unacceptable Behaviour
  • How to Behave Like a Leader
  • Innovation and Effective Brainstorming
  • Building Business Relationships
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Making Your Meetings Work
  • The Final Project

The workshops use theoretical instruction to present basic principles, in conjunction with group activities and exercises, to reinforce the practical application of the material.

Assertiveness, Negotiation and Resilience

This program builds on the skills developed in the Foundations of Leadership Workshop Series.

The focus is on development of the skills needed to successfully negotiate in both work and personal environments and provide guidance on how to achieve an appropriate balance between work and personal life.

Managing Time, Managing Self.

The formal concept of time management has been in existence for more than 100 years. Unfortunately the term “Time Management” creates the false impression of what a person is able to do. Time can't be managed, time is uncontrollable.

We can only manage ourselves and our use of time.

Time management is self management and interestingly the skills we need to manage others are the same skills we need to manage ourselves: the ability to plan, delegate, organise, direct and reward.

However, getting ourselves to function in a productive and efficient manner is much more easily said than done.

This 4 hour program discusses strategies for improved personal productivity and builds an individual personal action plan to help gain control of your time and your life.

Building Client Relationships

It is easier and more cost effective to grow your business through existing clients that to find new clients, therefore building strong relationships with your existing clients must be a key strategy if your business is to prosper.

Relationships are built between people not organisations and our efforts must be built around developing the skills of everyone in the team in building strong personal relationships. However, this does not come naturally to many people.

This 4 hour session discusses the key 3 elements of personal interaction and introduces the Cycle Of Client Respect™ a simple tool that assists in keeping focus on the actions that keep bring clients coming back to your business.

Delivery options

In House Corporate Programs

The individual workshop format of the Arrowdynamics® Pty Ltd programs allows flexibility in delivery. The workshops can be undertaken as 2 hour, half day or one day progressive sessions or a full two day program combining elements of the various topics. We are able to tailor a training package to fully meet client requirements and business priorities.

Public Programs for Individual Participants

Public programs for individuals wishing to develop their leadership skills are conducted from time to time in accordance with client demand. These are usually one or two day complete workshop programs combining participants from different organisations and working situations. These programs are a great way to meet people with common learning goals and interests and provide an opportunity to learn in a supportive and friendly environment.

Individual Coaching

Each participant brings to an Arrowdynamics® program their own individual circumstances, problems and areas of concern.

During each of our workshops, participants develop a personal action plan to assist with the practical application of the acquired skills and knowledge back in the workplace.

Occasionally implementation of personal plans can present unique challenges. In such a scenario, a short program of personal coaching and mentoring can be helpful in reviewing the action plan and guiding the implementation process. This can significantly increase productivity in the short term and assist participants maintain personal confidence.

Coaching and mentoring is also available for people who have not attended one of our programs. Please Contact Us to discuss your needs.

Management Training

There are many occasions where organisations or individuals feel the need to build skills in specific areas; for example, team communication or change management.

Focused, individual programs can be designed to meet client requirements. All training is based on the practical application of management theory and delivered with an emphasis on how the learning can be translated into improved performance in the workplace.

Let us know your needs and we will deliver the results.

Your Investment

Program fees will vary depending upon the program or topics selected and the method of delivery that best suits your needs.

We are only too happy to discuss these options and our program timetable with you.

For further information on how we can help you, please Contact Us.

'Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.'
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Third Edition of Chris' book 'Why do you frown, Daddy?' is now available.

The book tackles head on one of the major issues that supervisors and managers face every day, confronting poor behaviour in the workplace. The books series of practical and easy to follow strategies will build confidence, reduce stress and give readers clear direction in how to effectively manage unacceptable behaviour.